Sin always causes us to experience shame, rejection, and pain.


Our next series highlights the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ in the

Book of Hebrews—offering hope to all of those struggling with self-doubt and



If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus—He is the “exact imprint” of the Father’s nature, superior to all supernatural beings. It’s important we don’t just “believe” that Jesus is God, but that we live out this truth by obeying His commands.


Jesus is superior to Moses as a high priest; because of Jesus’ finished work, believers can rest under grace, rather than the Law.  Being a good person won’t save us—none of us are perfect—only God’s grace offers us forgiveness.


We have a high priest who can relate to us because He too was human. Yet, unlike us, Jesus lived a life without sin, offering His people eternal salvation.  Don’t be afraid to talk to God about your struggles—Jesus knows what it’s like to be in our shoes.


Because of our sins, we deserved punishment; Jesus took that punishment for us. God takes sin seriously; He also takes His love for us seriously.


Encouraged by the Old Testament heroes cited in the previous chapter, we must persevere toward Christ—our ultimate Hero—the founder, and perfecter of our faith.  Don’t let anything—whether it be busyness, the pursuit of money, or sin—keep you from persevering toward Christ. Instead, be encouraged by those who’ve come before you in the faith.


By exploring the passages that connect Jesus' ministry to the fulfillment of the Law, not only can we have an even better understanding the Old Testament, but also how Jesus completes the story of God’s redemption. 


This is going to be full, rich series to remind us and others we serve and communicate with about God’s love for them, as well as the sacrifice He made to bring them back to God.

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